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Feminine Power Coaching

The object for Transformational Coaching is to help you focus and achieve a particular goal. It is a guiding process to enable you to make changes that will help realise your potential. As your Transformational Coach I will help you maintain motivation for change. We will explore any obstacles and create plans to achieve your desired result. 

The journey you make is in service of transforming your core identity and to connect you to a new nourishing belief system that enables, enriches and empowers you to amend the story that limits your possibility. 

We will work together 

  • Letting go of childhood wounds and learning to find love for yourself

  •  Identifying old beliefs and painful patterns

  • Finding new and innovative ways towards self-acceptance

  • Reflection and connection to deepen your inner wisdom and creating your vision

The process will offer you opportunities to discover new ways of relating to yourself, to others and also to life!

As your Coach, I will work closely with you, all the time finding ways to listen to your inner voice, teaching you ways to connect more deeply to your feelings and help you discover a pathway to action and creating your own specific outcome.

Feminine Power Coaching was founded by Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas. 

I offer a three month coaching program. 

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