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A path to self-empowerment through counselling and coaching

My name is Diana Becker and I offer Psychotherapeutic Counselling. 

Are you struggling at the moment with difficulties in your personal or professional life or in your close relationships? Do you suffer with feelings and behaviour patterns that are informed by past experiences?

If you have hope that life could be different but you are struggling with the challenges in life at the moment and  would like to talk to someone in a confidential and safe space please contact me for a discovery session. 


A path to self-empowerment through counselling and coaching

A path to healing and joy through counselling and therapy

This may manifest in your life:

  • If you feel like you are living life on other people’s term and not your own and life feels like a punishment

  • Feelings of sadness, despondency and low energy fills your daily life

  • You think about escaping the relentless trudge and living off the grid for a while

  • Lacking Confidence in yourself and feel like you are holding yourself back from what you want

  • You are sitting at your desk with  a pile of paperwork in front of you but all you want to do is throw it out the window and run

  • You often feel like an outsider looking from the outside in, your nose pressed against a glass window to a world where everyone feels included and happy but you

  • You are not speaking up in relationships because people always telling you that you are too sensitive

  • It is hard to manage painful feelings in your life, either you feel overwhelmed or you withdraw and shut yourself out

  • Despite your many achievements in your life, you feel like you are faking it and sooner or later, your luck will run out or you’ll be found out

  • Life has lost it's meaning for you and the colour has run out of it

  • You wake up in the morning wishing the day would already be over

  • It takes great effort to be with your partner, children or friends, feeling like a burden rather than joyful

  • You are waiting for others to invite you in rather than going out and participating

  • You feel like you are just surviving rather than thriving and flourishing

  • Often feeling alone and invisible in your life


During these times a professional Counsellor can offer support and provide a safe and confidential space for you to tell your story and deepen your understanding of your painful patterns, thoughts and emotions to awaken to your true value and worthiness. 

Sunset Over the Mountains

Psychosynthesis Counselling offer a transformational process, designed to help you:

  • Understand and heal your childhood wounding and reoccurring patterns 

  • Embrace your feelings, needs and desires

  • Manage your fears and anxieties and nurture yourself

  • Feel happier in your everyday life

  • Awaken to your potential and connect to your unique sense of Self and Purpose

  • Become more visible and express your most confident Self

  • Build foundations to create the life and love you want to live


My role is to listen deeply to you, to see you and facilitate the creation of your own unique, meaningful and purposeful life. Together we begin a phase in your life’s journey in which you can connect to your whole self. 

Please contact me for a free discovery session.

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